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They say that great opportunities come to everyone, but sometimes we always notice them. One of the reasons that we do not take this chance is banal laziness. It has many disguises and excuses, but one point: when you need to do something, we are inactive. Until a certain time, such a situation may suit us. But what to do if life in idleness and idleness begins to weigh you down? We take it into our own hands and begin to act. Let's talk about how to do this as gently and efficiently as possible.

Why should we be lazy

At first glance, the formulation is rather strange, because most of us want to be successful and active. But psychologists say: inside us there can be many obvious and non-obvious factors that inhibit the movement towards the goal. Agree, it is difficult to be lazy if you were invited by a dream man, you are very hungry or run away from danger. Look inside yourself, because laziness is clearly manifested when:

• lack of goals and vision of how to build your life;

• there are excessive requirements and expectations for others that are not justified;

• you experience chronic fatigue or depression;

• we are afraid to fail, are not confident in our abilities;

• There is an internal contradiction between “necessary” and “want”;

• because of the huge number of cases, apathy piles up;

• we are overwhelmed by intolerance and doubt in the absence of a visible result;

• in us there is no habit of conducting violent activities. Many grew up in "greenhouse" conditions, used to go with the flow, or hope for a miracle.

Sometimes such a state is an internal protest, the individual characteristics of the psyche, orientation to the result, and not the path of movement toward the goal itself. That is, laziness is not an inborn personality trait, but a factor inhibiting our development. It does not appear from scratch, but working on its eradication is not only possible, but also necessary. True, you will have to show will, perseverance and patience.

How to stop doing it

The anti-laziness strategy consists of a set of steps. Use them to improve your life:

1. be kinder to yourself

Most are aware that being lazy is bad. Therefore, they shower themselves with an additional portion of reproaches, criticism and accusations. Do not attack yourself, act gently and delicately. If the process slows down, consider why this is happening and what measures can be taken;

2. reexamine your motivation

Goals should be worthy and achievable, inspire you. Refer to the previous list of movement to success (if you have one) or create a new one. Break down what you strive for into large and small tasks, priority of execution. Put the goals on the form: it can be either a wish board or a paper list;

3. start doing at least something

The hardest thing is to start performing. No wonder they say that the beginning is half the battle. If the task seems impossible to you, divide it into subtasks and subgoals. For example, agree with yourself that get involved in the business and work no more than 10 minutes. Bet you start and lose track of time?

4. start with the most important

As well as complex and “tasteless”. We are looking for a lot of excuses not to get to the point of what matters first. But imagine how you will feel a sense of satisfaction when you “eat a frog” and you will not feel guilty for delaying the process in time;

5. stick to your daily routine

Firstly, it requires adjustment if you do not get enough sleep, have dinner late or there is no place for reasonable physical activity and activity in it. Secondly, you should adhere to the time frame indicated in it. This is not tediousness or excessive pedantry, but an effective method of developing self-organization. She is very lacking when the “vegetable” mode is switched on;

6. be sure to praise yourself

There is an opportunity - also encourage yourself for the work done, for the victory over the next stage. Do not be afraid that by such methods give yourself slack. On the contrary: support from the closest person will help maintain motivation, move on to your goals. Important note: the reward should be simple but enjoyable. And completely refuse punishments and penalties, this undermines self-esteem.

Great success consists of a set of small victories. We recommend compiling a list of milestones passed, and constantly look there. It’s also very useful to find a team of like-minded people who strive for similar goals. Of course, on the way to fight laziness, you will be overcome by bouts of apathy and a desire to stop the "experiment". Do not turn off the intended path and do not give up.

Take your mistakes as a lesson, do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone and, of course, enjoy the well-deserved minutes of rest. There is another extreme in the fight against laziness: accept any temporary downtime as a threat to your well-being. Therefore, be prudent, do not go too far and enjoy the process of moving towards the goal. There is simply no place for such fellow travelers as laziness and passivity on such a path.