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We always have something missing for happiness. And some people generally consider themselves terribly unhappy. Meanwhile, everything depends primarily on our perception of life.

Paradoxes of Thinking

Often you hear about the so-called positive and negative thinking. The bearers of the first try to see everything in the first place in the first place, good things and relate quite easily to negative aspects of life. And the carriers of the second see troubles, dirty tricks, illnesses, etc. in everything. If something good happens in their life, then they are sure that this is not for long. Moreover, this may not depend on the real situation in which the person is.

You don’t have to go far for examples. I have a friend by the name of Andrei, who at 40 is still not married. He has a constantly gloomy expression on his face, and if Andrei is asked a question, how are you, then he always answers: "Bad." Although he is a decent person - he doesn’t drink, doesn’t swindle, he can call and pay a taxi for a half-familiar girl, representatives of the opposite sex shy away from him: who wants to be loaded with negativity every now and then?

Have you met many elderly people who are satisfied with their lives? As a rule, all of them, when they first meet, start complaining about sores, prices, government, rudeness from neighbors, acquaintances, doctors, officials ...

But there are other examples. Once I saw a young woman on the street with a boy in a wheelchair. She laughed contagiously, talking to her friend. But she had real reasons for a negative attitude towards life!

Happiness is relative

It is believed that the main components of happiness are finances, health and personal life. But the mass of people have all this, but they consider themselves deprived. And there are those who have nothing at all from this triad, but they are quite cheerful.

Someone feels unhappy because of the inability to have a smartphone of the latest model, and someone is happy, although there is nothing to eat except potatoes at home ... What is the secret?

The fact is that some people in the slightest problem see a reason for unhappiness, while others, on the contrary, are able to rejoice even in small things.

Hyugge - the ability to enjoy life

Recently, the so-called Danish lifestyle - huggge has come into fashion. Translated, this means "comfort." It is about the ability to enjoy simple pleasures, what a person has here and now. For example, a soft blanket, a warm bath with scented candles, a good book, a friendly tea party ...

But how do you learn this? Here are some suggestions.

Communicate with other people more actively

Call relatives and friends more often. Do not refuse to meet with them, invite to your place. Feel free to show your feelings towards them. Learn to hear others, forgive their shortcomings.

Change the interior of the apartment

Make the atmosphere more comfortable. For this, it is not at all necessary to make any radical rearrangements. It is enough to put decorative pillows on the sofa, hang on the walls photographs that capture the joyful moments of your life, place candles or lamps in the room and light them in the evenings.

Do some hobby

No need to force yourself to knit or embroider if you do not like to do this. But surely there is an occupation that you like? For example, drawing or assembling puzzles. And it doesn’t matter that you don’t succeed - the main thing is that it gives you pleasure.

Sometimes do what you want at the moment

We often deny ourselves small pleasures, believing that these are idle pursuits that do not bring any benefit. But you can always carve out at least 20 minutes a day to read an interesting book while drinking aromatic tea.

Learn to disconnect from everyday activities.

If you are at work, you can afford to take small breaks of 5-10 minutes from time to time. If possible, you can go out to breathe fresh air. You can drink delicious tea or coffee right at the workplace. During breaks, it is better not to take your phone with you or turn it off.

Learn to relish food

Many people eat just to be full. But you should not follow their example and throw food in yourself quickly. It is harmful to health. Accustom yourself to enjoy every bite or sip. Do not deny yourself your favorite treat: once a week you can afford a cake and a chocolate bar.

Try to see the good in the world

Hot well-brewed tea, sunshine, leaves or snow on the trees looking out the window, smiles of oncoming children, a funny kitten sitting on the street - all this can bring us joy. So don’t miss her! You should not constantly think about your affairs and problems, just enjoy what surrounds you. By the way, this is also a kind of meditation. If these impressions temporarily distract you from your current tasks, then it is possible that then you can begin to solve them with much greater efficiency.