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Our today's heroine is a very controversial lady. Some speak of her as the mother of all vices; others consider her the engine of progress. Of course, we are talking about laziness. If you are not alien to her attacks, congratulations! You belong to most people who are familiar with its acute manifestation. In addition, with you in the same regiment are such historical figures as W. Churchill, P. Picasso, A. Einstein, C. Darwin and others. But if this is a little comfort to you, let's talk in detail about the attacks of apathy. We also touch upon the question of how to be lazy, and not feel remorse.

Where laziness and where not

There is sometimes confusion with the definition. Often in everyday life we ​​can confuse it with other conditions, which, incidentally, are not laziness. There are a number of physiological and psychological causes masquerading as idle idleness. Among them:

anemia- a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood. She is the culprit of a constant decline in strength and weakness, a desire to lie down;

malfunctioning thyroid gland. In particular, insufficient production of hormones called hypothyroidism. Hence the lethargy, apathy, decline in mood and physical strength;

depressionwhen for a long time there is neither the strength nor the desire to do anything. In addition, there is a decrease in interest in what is happening around, general depression;

abuliaor, as it is also called by the people, lack of will. This is by no means a whim of its owner, but a symptom of organic brain damage;

asthenic neurosis- a painful state of the psyche with high fatigue, even with little effort. Moreover, even a long rest does not help here.

Under the guise of laziness, other reasons may also be hidden. For example, we stubbornly avoid solving a problem or are afraid of the consequences of our act, hiding in a "house". And also, maybe we are so tired physically that we are not able to solve pressing issues. Or we are not interested in the results of the work, in the process itself, we do not have the necessary skills, motivation ... It turns out that each “lazy” case requires analysis and identification of the specific cause of apathy. After all, often the stamp "laziness" is hung on completely different conditions.

How to be lazy

If you are covered by a wave of laziness, then you should not be tormented by remorse and endow yourself with insulting nicknames. Psychologists are also on your side. They agree that laziness is a defensive reaction of the body from excessive mental and physical stress. Specialists even have the special term “protective braking”. This is just about the fact that the mind and body resist the intense work. They seem to know in advance that they will not be able to work for a long time at a frantic pace.

Doctors recommend that you do not dig in, persuade yourself, abuse energy, and heed their useful tips:

1)laziness should be taken as pleasure, the ability to relax and recharge with positive energy. Do not be afraid that the body will get used to doing nothing. Long “downtimes” are also uncomfortable for him;

2)pause your work frequently.Every 2-3 hours, allow yourself 7-10 minute breaks. Moreover, this should not be a change of activity, but a real rest. So you neutralize the main stress hormone cortisol;

3)with an attack of laziness, do not overload the body with excessive sleep, excessive meal, constant lying on the couch. All this also requires considerable energy, which is now in short supply. And one more thing: the more time you spend in the arms of Morpheus, the more “harmful” cortisol is produced.

4) the more tense moments in your life, themore often recommended to be lazy. So you save precious energy and save it from "eating" stress. After all, even a small emotional stress causes internal emptiness;

5)often ask yourself the question “what do I want?”, and everything is “necessary”, “obliged”, “must” to the maximum exclude. Listen to yourself, your feelings, correctly formulate goals and aspirations. At a particular point in time, work on only one goal, do not spray;

6) if power engineers should not get involved, thento call for help pharmacy dietary supplements does not hurt.Pay attention to B vitamins, preparations based on alpha lipoic acid, Ginkgo Biloba. They help reduce fatigue, improve memory and memory ability.

It turns out that laziness is far from always a negative phenomenon. And sometimes it even becomes a new value, as opposed to the endless pursuit of success, excessive loads in the career race. Allow yourself the luxury to slow down, contemplate what is happening around you, do nothing, find inner harmony and just enjoy life. And, by the way, laziness is not recognized as a pathological condition, unlike workaholism.