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Marilyn Monroe once said that femininity breeds true beauty. It is difficult to disagree with the recognized beauty, according to which men sigh to this day. But what is femininity? Skirts, dresses, long hair, the presence of makeup, manicure, heels immediately come to mind ... There is some truth in this. However, this is only a “facade”, behind which our true essence is hidden.

No wonder the fair sex is associated with tenderness, softness, elegance, defenselessness, fragility. It turns out that we can work on the style. But can we completely become more feminine? Hardly. Femininity is woven from the many nuances of character, behavior, and actions. How to ruin a beautiful face, a gift of nature? We’ll talk about this today.

What is in my image for you?

But first, a few words about appearance. Of course, they are met by clothes. However, to raise to the rank of "killers" of femininity all short haircuts, like love for trousers, the absence of jewelry is not worth it. It is enough to recall the beautiful stars who periodically love to indulge themselves with similar hairstyles. Would it really turn out to call the manly Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, Victoria Beckham and others?

Or stylish solutions. For example, fashionable culottes, which allow you to demonstrate beautiful ankles, are similar in appearance to skirts. Often they look more attractive than an age-specific mini.

There are opposite examples: often long, but well-groomed hair does not decorate its mistress, in contrast to the short stylish haircut of another woman. With suspension rings the same way: sometimes it’s better to adhere to minimalism than to look like a Christmas tree.

What certainly does not forgive femininity is the lack of self-care, neglect of cosmetics and hairdressers, untidiness, disregard for health, indulging in bad habits.

What "kills" women from the inside

Appearance, of course, plays a large role in creating a feminine image. But it’s like a muscle that can be pumped through video tutorials, expert advice, and the development of one’s own taste and style. More important than another. A woman of modest appearance, but a beautiful personality, will be more attractive than any written beauty, if the latter is:

• command, constantly raising your voiceand giving orders left and right. In the nature of the fair sex inspire, rather than show, vivid leadership character traits inherent in the stronger sex;

• fuss and rushday and night, trying to do everything. Why all? Because she took on many responsibilities. There is no longer feminine attractiveness, if only to have time!

• burdened by their own society, to be not interesting to yourself. This happens due to a lack of business for the soul, a favorite hobby, and a creative hobby. If this happens, the woman will be boring for others;

• exhibit excessive social activityunder which loneliness is masked. Stormy activity is a screen that hides the true feelings of a woman who is not realized as a loved one, wife and mother. Alas, for the development of the female charm there is neither strength nor time left;

• compete in the mind, dexterity, knowledge with men. Of course, now it costs nothing to surpass the stronger sex in its duties and obligations. This is proved by the Soviet system. But will at least one side benefit from this?

• work without pleasureconstantly experiencing stress. As a result, loss of interest in life, the development of stress. You turn into a soulless "screw". And this is a direct path to the waste of femininity. The case to which you give your strength and time should at least please;

• compete,even when it comes to other women. Competition and confrontation negatively affects female energy. The solution is not to envy, not to prove to anyone that you are better, smarter, more beautiful. Each of us is conceived as a unique person;

• be isolatedand not have girlfriends. There are topics, questions, problems that can only be discussed with the "sisters of reason." In addition, female communication is a great opportunity to exchange strong positive energy. As a result of this process, we become even more beautiful in the eyes of others.

What else is playing against us? The position “I myself”, excessive independence, constant nagging for life, bad mood, the search for those responsible for my problems, emotional isolation.

It is believed that a woman will be born is a gift. And our task with you is to use this gift of fate 100%. Get to know your female nature, be satisfied with yourself and life. Then many aspects of the “forbidden list” playing against femininity will disappear by themselves. Indeed, if you are in joy, then it would not occur to you to swear, sort things out, gossip. As one famous person said, the happy live in a different reality, and they don’t need it. Where are you?